Peace Starts Here

In partnership with the United Nation’s effort to celebrate the International Day of Peace by strengthening the ideals of peace, TPRF produced a new video to help grow awareness that peace is possible for individuals across the planet. Please join the Peace for People 2016 campaign by watching the video and sharing it!

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Peace Education Program


The Peace Education Program is designed to help participants discover their own inner resources—innate tools for living such as inner strength, choice, and hope—and the possibility of personal peace.

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Food for People

A model food program for rural villages in poverty-stricken areas that is bringing about significant improvements in school attendance and achievement, community health, and economic outlook.

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Empowering People

This video summarizes how TPRF is working to empower millions of people across the globe to live with a strengthened sense of dignity, peace, and prosperity.

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News & Stories From the Field

Supporters Donate $192,794 to TPRF

Donors from around the globe recently showed overwhelming support for The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), contributing U.S.$192,794 during the year-end Welcoming a New Era Appeal. The enthusiastic response far exceeded the goal of raising U.S.$150,000, putting the charity in a stronger position to fulfill its mission of helping people live with dignity, peace, and prosperity.

Peace Education in Soweto (Part 2): Just What the Dr. Ordered

Jake Frankel, Executive Editor for The Prem Rawat Foundation, recently visited Soweto, South Africa. In this blog (part 2 in his series about the impact of the Peace Education Program) he writes about delivering iPads to volunteers and reports on how Dr. Patrick is using peace education to treat patients.

Peace Starts Here: TPRF Video Tops 4 Million Views

As people around the world greet the new year with high hopes, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has received more than 4 million views for its “Peace Starts Here” video, which presents an empowering vision of building a world at peace, one person at a time.

Together, We Achieve Results

countries where TPRF has volunteers

meals served at Food for People facilities in 2015

participants in the Peace Education Program in 2015

Show Your Support

Your support helps empower millions of people across the globe to live with a strengthened sense of dignity, peace, and prosperity. Each donation is important, whatever the size, and can help make a big difference in peoples’ lives, whether through the Peace Education Program or by providing essential humanitarian aid to those most in need.


People Powered Events

Each year, supporters all over the world raise significant funds for the Foundation through independent fundraising events and initiatives. These events happen because of People Power—the power of people working together to help other people. If you’d like to have fun raising funds and awareness, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Make a Difference

The work of TPRF is propelled by people like you—volunteers who use their imagination, talent, and enthusiasm to support the Foundation’s programs and initiatives. Join our amazing team of volunteers!




Instagram: Snapshots from the Field

  • Thanks to each and every one of you who participated in this fundraising appeal! Together, we raised U.S.$192,794, far exceeding the goal of $150,000! This will put TPRF in a stronger position to fulfill its mission of helping people live with dignity, peace, and prosperity. Read the new message from Board President Daya Rawat: #tprf #thankyou #oursupportersarethebest
  • Coming just a couple of days after the Soweto event, TPRF sponsored a similar peace education forum with Prem Rawat in the South African township of Sebokeng. Learn more: #peacesouthafrica #tprf #sebokeng #southafrica #johannesburg #premrawat #peaceispossible #peaceeducation #peace
  • The TPRF peace education forum in Soweto, South Africa featured a wealth of celebratory musical and dance performances. #peacesouthafrica #southafricanmusic #southafrica #soweto #sowetograms #johannesburg #peaceeducation #peaceispossible #peaceful #peaceispower #TPRF
  • At the recent TPRF forum in Soweto, South Africa participants in the Peace Education Program had an opportunity to share thoughts on the program and ask TPRF Founder Prem Rawat any questions they had. Learn more:  #peacesouthafrica #soweto #sowetograms #johannesburg #southafrica #peaceducation #peaceispossible #peace #premrawat
  • The recent TPRF peace education forum in Soweto took place at the Regina Mundi, the largest Catholic Church in South Africa. Known as "the people's cathedral," it played a key role in supporting activists against the apartheid regime and has hosted President Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and U.S. First Lady Michele Obama. This photo shows people outside the church as they get ready for the TPRF event. Learn more:  #peacesouthafrica #soweto #sowetograms #johannesburg #southafrica #peaceeducation #peaceispossible #peace #premrawat
  • TPRF recently sponsored a peace forum in Soweto, South Africa. Pictured at the event here are Ernest Leketi (left), head of the Johannesburg Youth Development Department, and Prem Rawat, Founder of TPRF. Learn more:  #peacesouthafrica #soweto #sowetograms #johannesburg #southafrica #peaceeducation #peaceispossible #peace #premrawat
  • As of today, December 21, TPRF has exceeded its appeal fundraising goal, raising $168,642! Thank you so much to all of the donors who are showing their support!! The appeal runs through December 31, and any further donations will greatly help TPRF be in a strong position to serve more and more people around the globe in 2017 and beyond. How high can we go!?: #tprf #fundraiser
  • In this short video excerpt TPRF Founder Prem Rawat talks about the heart to students enrolled in the Peace Education Program at @tsiba_education in Cape Town, South Africa. The forum was one of the many special events that TPRF sponsors around the world with civic and government groups interested in peace. Watch the complete video and show your support for TPRF's work!: #TPRF #peaceeducation #southafrica #peacesouthafrica #capetown #tsiba #peaceispossible #peace #premrawat
  • The documentary "Peace is Inevitable" makes its national debut today in Ecuador! The feature film tells the incredible story of how peace education helped gang members turn their lives around and find more peaceful ways of living in the city of Ibarra. Stay tuned for more opportunities to see this powerful film in 2017! #peaceeducation #tprf #peaceispossible #peace #ecuador #ibarra #gang #peacegang
  • The University of La Laguna, on the Spanish Island of Tenerife, was the location of a pilot Peace Education Program to explore its potential within the educational system. This video excerpt shows a few of the positive responses to the program from faculty there. Watch the full video and show your support for this  great program!:  #tprf #peaceeducation #peaceispossible #education #university #spain
  • This is Bright Selikumah, an aptly named young inventor who is dazzling students and staff in Otinibi, Ghana with his creations. He credits the Food for People program with helping fuel his ideas. Read the new interview with him:

#tprf #ghana #westafrica #africa #humanity #foodaid #foodforpeople #science
  • In this new video excerpt TPRF Founder Prem Rawat talks to Journalist Burt Wolf about how the Food for People program is making a big impact. Watch the complete video and show your support for this remarkable program here!: 
#tprf #premrawat #burtwolf #foodaid #humanity #fundraiser #india #nepal #ghana

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